Phase 2 - shiny power

ShinyCroPepe Collection

Supply : 350.

Price : Free mint (

Description : The collection contains 350 ShinyCroPepe. Feel the power of shiny.

Find the required number of SpicyCroPepe to collect 6 points and exchange them for a free mint of ShinyCroPepe.

Points add up, example: SpicyCroPepe having items Viking (Clothes) + Laser (Eyes) -> 1pt + 1pt = 2pt.

CroPepe - changes

When the mint collection of SpicyCro or SpicyCroPepe exceeds 40-50% there will be a change regarding the exchange of CroPepe for SpicyCro :

  • it will not be possible to exchange 2 x identical CroPepe.

  • you will have to send any 5 x CroPepe to receive a free mint SpicyCro.

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